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Vomit Shrimp!

It’s been a while since I posted a legit Barf post. This one was literally cooked in barf. Smelled like barf. Tasted like barf (2 shrimps consumed). I had stomach problems the next morning (4am-8am). Won’t say where I got it because their sushi was and always has been fantastic, but let’s say there is a sushi place adjacent to a Walmart that blew it.


Ruby Tuesday’s …

Stopped at Ruby Tuesday’s on a way go a gig. Ordered the double crab cakes with buttered garlic potatoes and the Cole slaw. I remember liking the slaw. But I am pretty sure that my scoop of potato and crab cakes contained about 2 sticks of butter. And maybe a cup of salt. I mean… Seriously. I felt like I was gonna barf the rest of the drive. Restaurant selection fail.

Strike 2, Cafeteria

This was in all sense of the word “DISGUSTING!” It was ham cold cuts, red onion chunks, roasted red pepper (only redeeming quality), some pesto sauce, pepper jack cheese on some fancy bread. Then toasted. The onions reeked! Their flavor clashed horribly with the pesto and roasted peppers. The pepper jack cheese did nothing but torture my mouth while processing this concoction. The ham flavor was strong and rounded the flavor out to the likes of vomit. Strike 2. One more bad meal this week and I quit. I believe this to be the worst sandwich I’ve ever had in my entire life. I’ve taken 4 extra-strength Tums and I still feel sick. What did I eat!?

Buffalo Wild Wings Fail

Was driving by UD campus and noticed they put a Buffalo Wild Wings on Elkton Road. I ordered the chicken tender wrap with honey BBQ sauce. I got the chicken tender wrap with 4 quarts of mayo instead. I can understand the mix-up because honey BBQ sounds very similar to mayo.

Mayo is one of the only foods that I don’t like, however I made it most of the way through until I got deeper into the wrap and noticed how much they put on.

Well, I love you Buffalo Wild Wings, but that’s the first and last time I go to the one on Elkton Road. I’ll choose the one on Limestone Road or Route 40 instead.

My hunger is satisfied but I feel a bit ill knowing how much mayo I just consumed. Barf.


My thoughts on the way to the cafeteria: “Okay just get something small and healthy… You aren’t very hungry.” What did I get? A soggy Monte Cristo and onion rings. Barf.